‘Polyday-2’ LTD launched its production for buffalo yellow cheese under the brand ‘Domlian’. Their yellow cheese unifies the biological and nutritional value of the buffalo milk. Compared to the other types of milk, this milk is one phenomenal biologic product with a high content of fat from milk, protein and with the most favorable correlation of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, replaceable and non-replaceable fatty acids. With its unique characteristics, healing and nutrition properties this milk surpasses many foods of animal or vegetable origin. In comparison with the cow and goat milk, the buffalo milk has higher content of the most important nutrition components – dry substance, fat from milk, albumin, casein protein, minerals, milk sugar, etc. When compared with the cow milk, it is whiter, denser and with much more higher fat content. The protein of the buffalo milk has higher biological value because it contains more albumin and globulins. This fact makes it a valuable source of protein for the human body. This milk does not contain any carotene so this is the reason for it being so white in color. However, its vitamin A quantity is almost equal to the cow’s milk. On the other hand, the buffalo milk is richer in calcium and phosphorus, as well as in vitamins D, E, C, etc. Therefore, its biological and nutrition values are higher. This makes it one of the so precious nourishments for all people of all ages. It is also recommended to people suffering from leukemia, milk allergy caused by other types of milk, etc.