How did the idea about the product, name and logo come to life?

We came up with the idea about this product back in 2019 as a response to our desire to offer a different product to our clients – a type of functional food. A product which can upgrade the nutrition and health strategy of the company and to set down the general concept of production.

Our technicians actively developed the product, they tested combinations of starters and useful supplements, they observed their impact over time. Our goal was to achieve high nutrition values and a balanced organoleptic type to be able to provide the best consumer experience. We chose the name EFFECT because of the meaning of that word – result, outcome, consequence from an action, which basically describes the essence of the product and its purpose. The high nutrition value obtained totally complies with the name and corresponds to its purpose. After multiple tests in our and certified laboratories, the content that fully satisfies our expectations was found.

The starter from BIFIDOBACTERIA of the world-renowned company HANSEN with its proven clinical tests for healthy effect. The probiotic starters of Chr. Hansen contain at least one probiotic strain backed up by substantial clinical documentation for health effects.

After having assessed the overall clinical documentation, we chose strain BB12.

To enhance the effect of the impact of the probiotic starter, we needed to choose a suitable prebiotic. Prebiotics are the nutrients for the gut-friendly bacteria (called probiotics). Such, for example, are the products derivative of carbohydrates, insoluble fibres. Unlike any other dietary component, prebiotics are the only ones that are not absorbed in the digestion system. Instead, fibers that are resistant to heat amplitudes, high acidity and enzymes in the stomach, go through the hole digestion tract.

In our pursuit for the best solution we chose INULIN.

Inulin is a prebiotic which increases the good bacteria. It is major food for bifidobacteria and stimulates their growth and activity. Naturally extracted from chicory roots inulin has a slightly sweet taste. It helped to achieve the harmonious and balanced flavour of the product.

We achieved the desired symbiotic effect by combining the best probiotic with a suitable prebiotic.

And we chose the following logo as a finishing touch to the general concept:

Your Tomorrow Starts from Today!

The lacto-acid product “PROBIO EFFECT” is our offer for your better tomorrow!