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Polidey-2 OOD Opened a Modern Treatment Plant


It is our most modern facility and the investments made in it are the continuation of our long-term plans to improve constantly as a response to the high expectations of our clients and consumers. The inauguration of the treatment plant is very important for our business and our desire to be a responsible corporate citizen among the local community.

The dairy has a waste water treatment plant /WWTP/ with aerobic and anaerobic step for biogas production.

All the domestic, industrial water, as well as whey from the production of dairy products and the water from the washing activities on the site of the of the company come into our local treatment plant. The waste water come into the reception shaft, afterwards it is transferred to a collection shaft of capacity of 200m³ to equalize the content of the waste water.

From there it goes into a cascade of facilities such as: oil separator which catches the grease, then the separated liquid and solid phase goes into the so called anaerobic reactors as one of them is for the liquid and the other for the solid fraction.

After the anaerobic decomposition we obtain biogas and purified water at 90%.

Then the water gets into the aerobic step for final purification where, after oxygen enrichment, it is ready, now purified, to go back on its way to the river.