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Production of Kashkaval Cheese

Our company started its activity in 1993 with the production of kashkaval cheese.

The Domlian kashkaval cheese known to us has been obtained after gradual improvement of the technology over long years. The production of kashkaval cheese under the Domlian brand is number one in our production list. It was the first product we produced 30 years ago and offered it to Bulgarian consumers.

The unique and distinctive taste of those products comes from the deep roots of the tradition in their production, as well as many other specific features.

  1. Location
    Our diary plant is located in the village of Domlyan, in the outskirts the Balkans and Sredna Gora. It is an eco-friendly and clean region best known for oil-bearing roses and its specific climate traits.
  2. Characteristics and quality of the raw material
    For the sake of the quality of the products produced we buy the raw milk from big milk production farms that have covered the criteria of the European regulations and are located in small villages, far from industrial zones.

It is a pre-condition for quality and specific pasture, which is the first and fundamental element in milk production.

The milk is transported by specialized company vehicles.

Before unloading at the dairy plant, the raw milk goes through series of laboratory analyses carried out by highly qualified laboratory technicians in the receiving laboratories.

Upon accepting the milk, it is purified through metal filters and separator-cleaner, which is a guarantee for prevention of bacterial load.

In order to obtain a high-quality and standardized product, the milk goes through standardization.

It gives us the guarantee that the ready product will have the same organoleptic and physical-chemical properties every day and that we satisfy the most exquisite taste of our consumers.

A decisive role for the unique taste qualities and flavour of DOMLIAN kashkaval cheeses has the use of bacterial starter from selected strains of lacto-acid bacteria adapted for our raw material.

After the completion of the production, each produced lot of kashkaval cheese is taken into a chamber for ripening which lasts for at least 45 days at a special temperature regime and relative humidity.

It is an important pre-condition to obtain a product with perfect taste qualities and specific flavour.

Before releasing it onto the retail network, each lot goes through an analysis of organoleptic, physical-chemical and microbiological indicators in the company laboratory and certified laboratories.